For many, summer is the best season of the year; the weather is great, people are going on holiday and schools are closed! Despite this, that still means that you can learn a bit of English during the break. Here are a few common words and expressions that are closely associated with the summer and the summer holidays!


  1. Beach Bliss


The beach is the quintessential summer destination. With its sandy shores and rhythmic waves, it’s a place where time seems to slow down. Families and friends gather to swim, sunbathe, and build sandcastles. Don’t forget your flip-flops—these easy-to-wear sandals are perfect for navigating hot sand and cool surf.


  1. Barbecue Gatherings


Nothing says summer like the smoky aroma of a barbecue. This beloved cooking method brings people together to grill up delicious meals, from juicy burgers to tender ribs. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the joy of eating outdoors, laughing, and making memories with loved ones.


  1. Cooling Off with Ice Cream


When the heat becomes intense, a scoop of ice cream can be the perfect remedy. This sweet, frozen treat comes in countless flavours and is a staple at summer gatherings. Whether you prefer a cone, a cup, or a sundae, ice cream is a delightful way to cool down on a hot day.


  1. Protecting Against Sunburn


While soaking up the sun is one of summer’s pleasures, it’s crucial to protect your skin. Sunburn can turn a fun day outdoors into a painful experience. Applying sunscreen regularly helps shield your skin from harmful UV rays, ensuring that you can enjoy the sun safely.


  1. The Joy of Picnics


A picnic is a simple yet wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. Pack a basket with your favourite foods, grab a blanket, and head to a park or a scenic spot. There’s something magical about dining al fresco, surrounded by nature’s beauty and the laughter of friends and family.


  1. Camping Adventures


For those who crave a bit of adventure, camping is the perfect summer activity. Whether you’re setting up a tent in a forest or parking an RV near a lake, camping allows you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. It’s a chance to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature.


  1. Vibrant Festivals


Summer is a season of festivals, where communities come alive with music, food, and fun. From local fairs to large cultural celebrations, festivals offer a unique blend of entertainment and tradition. They’re an excellent way to experience the local culture and create lasting memories.


  1. Savouring Lemonade


A glass of lemonade epitomises the refreshment of summer. This tangy, sweet beverage is perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day. Whether homemade or store-bought, lemonade is a timeless drink that brings a burst of citrusy joy.


As you dive into summer, these expressions and traditions will undoubtedly enhance your experience. Embrace the season’s warmth, indulge in its delights, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Happy summer!


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