Aprobar el examen de Cambridge B1 PET, consejos

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Aprobar el examen de Cambridge B1 PET es posible. Sí sí, y además sonreír un poco más que la pobre niña inglesa de la foto. Studying is so boring!

“Oh my God, this is it!” 

That’s what this little girl might be thinking, probably. O, en versión española del sur, como diría mi abuela Antonia, “Madre mía del consuelo…”.

An Irish grandmother would say “oh Lord..!”.

Pero vamos, que se entiende, ¿no? Ponerse a estudiar para aprobar el examen de Cambridge B1 PET puede desmotivar a cualquiera, sobre todo si no es la primera vez que te presentas y hay alguna parte que se te resiste.

Eso es lo que le pasa a José, que mandó la consulta de hoy. En este episodio voy a intentar ayudarte a saber cómo aprobar de una vez este examen y estar 100% preparado para cualquier parte.

Let’s do this! 🙂

Cómo aprobar el examen de Cambridge B1 PET – Ideas mentioned in this podcast

Question of the day: How to take the B1 exam? How to nail the four skills of the language and not only the speaking and the writing? From Jose who lives in Ceuta.

You need to be proud of being good at writing and speaking. It is a bit strange. Congratulations!

A potential problem that could be happening is that you don’t have really good or advanced grammar and vocabulary and that is causing you problems with the Listening.

There are many people that speak a lot but don’t use the appropriate structures for the level and so when they’re listening or reading, it is difficult for them to recognize the B1 grammar and vocabulary.

There are people who are complete chatterboxes and they don’t speak well. Quality over Quantity.

Listening has always been the hardest part for David too when he was learning English too because he lacked real world situations.

You need to have real world time with native speakers.

And also you need to concentrate!

Keep in mind the Daway Philosophy: give your brain a really strong reason, a survival reason!

Put yourself into real situations where you have no choice but to speak. This will be a strong motivation for you brain.

As for the reading, David reminds Daway Nation to go to episode 81 where he talks about reading resources and how to nail the reading.

The same principle applies to reading. You need to master B1 grammar and vocabulary, to recognize them. You need to study, to actively be aware of your weaknesses.

The problem might be that you are not consolidating those structures.

You also need to be familiar with the strategies and the type of exercises in the exam.

Finally, you need a system. For example, read one book a week, learn a new word and use that word in a real conversation. There are useful online applications that can help you with your listening.