Artículos definidos e indefinidos en inglés – Curso B2 04

by Podcast

¿Sabes usar los artículos definidos e indefinidos en inglés? Do you know why we say “MUSIC” and not “THE MUSIC”??

What’s up guys! Welcome back to a new class of the B2 English course. How you all doin’? I hope everything’s fine. So, you might have noticed that sentence above is quite strange but familiar at the same time: the money does not give you the happiness. Could you tell what the mistakes are? If not, this is your class.

Thing is, the correct sentence would be: money does not give/bring you happiness. We use no article. And that’s not the only mistake students make, but there are a bunch of typical errors I want you to destroy today.

So let’s look at it.

Artículos definidos e indefinidos en inglés – What you will learn today

What the definite and indefinite articles are and why they are so important

When to use them and more importantly, when not to use them (one of the biggest and most common mistakes for Spanish students)

Typical mistakes made by Spanish speakers

Action time, lads

That’s it, good job. I hope you enjoyed today’s class. This is a turning point (punto de inflexion) in your learning as this is one, if not the biggest mistake made by Spanish speakers in English, both spoken and written. I really want to make sure you don’t make it again. Try to be aware of it next time you speak or write. Listen to real English and read texts in English to get used to it, as usual.

See you round!