Cómo se usa as y like – Curso de inglés B2 01

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¿Cómo se usa as y like en inglés? Do you know the difference between them?

¿Se dice like a teacher o as a teacher? Seguro que has dudado alguna vez.

Estoy seguro de que estas dos palabras te habrán traído de cabeza de vez en cuando. Es un punto gramatical importante, muy común en este nivel. Sobre todo, si estás preparando un examen oficial como el de Cambridge, tienes que saber cómo usarlas sí o sí.

By the way, after the usual introduction where I speak Spanish and introduce the topic, the rest of the advanced course will be written/spoken in English, so brace yourselves! Also, just to let you know I won’t be explaining grammar in the articles as you’re expected to have a decent level and I think it’s a lot better if you try to understand the audio.

Cómo se usa as y like en inglés – What you will learn in this podcast

What the main difference between as and like is

Examples of when you can use like or when it sounds natural

Structures and examples of when to use as, how to use it

Common expressions which you can come across in FCE exam

It’s your call now

That’s it, that’s pretty much it. All you need to know about how to use as and like when you speak or write. This is something important for your level, especially if you’re preparing to sit an official exam, such as (pun intended) the First Certificate in English from Cambridge.

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