Comparativos en inglés – Curso de inglés B2 – 10

by Podcast

¿Tienes claro cómo usar los comparativos en inglés? Can you properly use them in your written and spoken English?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a good footballer, but honestly, Messi is better. Much better.He plays more gracefully.

So did you notice? I used today’s class material in that sentence. Yes, you’re right. Today, in the B2 English course, you’re going to find out and learn about comparativos en inglés. Not only comparative adjectives (harder, better, faster, stronger) but also about how to compare adverbs, which might sound a bit daunting to you, how to quantify comparatives and so on.

Quite an interesting class, so pay attention and enjoy. Let’s do this!

Comparativos en inglés B2 – What you will learn today

What comparatives are and what we use them for

How comparative adjectives work in English, basic rules

How you can quantify comparisons

How to compare adverbs

Examples of how you could use all this in an exam

Move your ass now 🙂

That feels much better now, right? You can make comparisons more easily after this class, which is awesome. You know what the next step is, don’t you? To practise, over and over again, to do something with this content! Use it real life situations and you’ll be on the right track towards that B2 fluency you want to get.

See you in next class, take care