Conectores en inglés – Curso de inglés B2 09

by Podcast

¿Sabes usar conectores en inglés? For example: DESPITE being freezing, we loved Edinburgh!!

So here you are again, in a new B2 English class. And you’ve seen the first line, so you must have an idea of what this class will cover. Yep, linking words. Linking words in English. Connectors we use to link different ideas, sentences and paragraphs. Basic material to start building any decent piece of writing for a B2 level.

You already know that however is used for contrast, and while or whereas very similarly. You might know all of the words I am going to show you today, so this class could be a reinforcing one. In case you are a bit lost when it comes to connectors, get ready because it is one of the most important points in the B2 exam.

So let’s move on to what they are and how to use them.

Conectores en inglés – What you will learn today

What the most common linking words for a B2 level are

How to pronounce them and use them correctly

Common mistakes made by Spanish speakers

When to use each, especially in a writing

Action time!

Good job guys! That’s another B2 class you just crashed. Well done. This is one of the most important lessons for your level, as you will be using these day in, day out (día sí, día también), especially when writing. Some of them are quite formal, as I’ve told you, but used correctly they can dramatically improve your style.

Do your homework and see you next week, stay tuned!