¿Cuánto tiempo hace falta para aprobar el examen de Cambridge B2 y certificar el nivel First?

Are you trying to prepare the B2 level? Do you need to certify a First Certificate level? Then, this video is for you.

This is my very first video and episode of #HeyDave, the new Youtube channel that I have just created, where I will answer all your questions and I will personally try my best to help you ROCK your English level. Quiero que te conviertas en una máquina del inglés, así que voy a contestar a tus dudas de manera personal, una a una.

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#HeyDave – Question of the day: ¿cuánto tiempo hace falta para aprobar el examen de Cambridge B2 FCE?

In today’s episode, I answer Cristina’s question. Cris is from Barcelona and wants to travel to Australia to study there. She asked me about the B2 exam and how long it can take a student to get to that level. Watch the video to find out!