Cultura inglesa, aspectos para vivir fuera – Your Way 23

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¿Te interesa la cultura inglesa? ¿Estás pensando viajar al extranjero, a un país de habla inglesa?

Perhaps you want to travel abroad and have decided you want to live in an English speaking country. Because of work, your boyfriend/girlfriend or maybe because you want to bring up your children there.

Sea cual sea tu caso, si te interesa conocer un poco más sobre la cultura inglesa, este podcast te va a gustar. Mónica y yo hablamos de nuestra experiencia personal viviendo fuera, anécdotas y tipos de mindset importantes para adaptarte a vivir en otro país, diferencias principales entre estos países y España o América Latina, etc.

Leer y viajar posiblemente sean las 2 cosas más importantes que hagas en tu vida. Esperamos que este episodio te guste.

Enjoy 🙂

Aspectos de la cultura inglesa – Listen to the episode!

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Ideas mentioned in this podcast

– Question of the day (Miguel Ángel and Ali Roberto): cultural aspects of English speaking countries – 0:40

– Why the only real way to get to know a culture is living in it and why it is hard to generalise – 02:20

– The different stages every foreigner goes through when living abroad. The first time you live in a different country you will find some mental resistance and homesickness – 3:20

– The second stage most expats go through: after some time, you start to see your home country more objectively, being able to analyse pros and cons as an objective observer – 08:50

– It’s important to break the stereotypes and cliches if you’re planning to live abroad  – 11:40

– David’s top 3 ways to be part of a country and feel at home abroad: working there for a long time, being single and getting native partners and living in that country for ages – 15:40

– Mónica’s views on living abroad based on her own experience in Spain – 17:05

– Work ethic and employment in the USA and the UK. Why it is a lot easier to find a job in England and build a career – 23:20

– University and tuition fees in both the USA and the UK are very different from usual figures in Spain, for example – 30:30

– Family and relationships in English speaking countries. Main differences and some interesting facts you might not know – 32:10

– Why the UK is not as racist as a lot of people think, despite events like Brexit. One of the beautiful aspects of the UK is how open and socially tolerant its people are in terms of social rights – 39:00


Vocabulary used in this episode

To travel abroad: viajar al extranjero

Culture: cultura

Cultural: cultural

An overview of something: un resumen o esquema general de algo

To go through a stage: pasar por una etapa

A host family: una familia de acogida, la gente con la que te quedas si vas al extranjero a vivir con una familia

How on Earth…?: ¿Cómo diablos…?

Homesick: nostálgico, con morriña

Precisely: precisamente

A disclaimer: un aviso o descargo de responsabilidad

A shade of a colour: un tono o matíz de un color

To think out of the box: pensar de manera distinta a lo establecido, cuestionar las cosas, con mente abierta y flexible

The best of both worlds: lo mejor de dos cosas distintas, quedarte con lo mejor de cada una

A stereotype: un estereotipo

To have a prejudice against something: tener prejuicios con algo

Something enriching: enriquecedor

To belong to a place: pertenecer a un sitio

Sugary: azucarado

The other way around: al revés

Labour: fuerza de trabajo, mano de obra, trabajadores

Work ethic: ética laboral o del trabajo

A workaholic: un/a obseso/a del trabajo, una persona que trabaja demasiado

Materialistic: materialista

To climb up the career ladder: escalar puestos en el mundo laboral, una empresa, etc

To call in sick: llamar al trabajo avisando de que estás enfermo, dar un parte por enfermedad

To get a day off: cogerse un día libre

To be out of work: estar desempleado/a

To be subsidised: estar subvencionado

To be attached to something/someone: estar unido a algo/una persona

You got me there!: ahí me has pillado

To insist on something: insistir en algo

Open-minded: de mente abierta

Admirable: admirable

It takes all sorts to make a world: de todo hay en la viña del señor, para gustos colores

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