Mónica’s story – Your Way 24

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Does life send you signals? Do you believe in fate?

Today’s podcast is quite different from the rest.

Do you like stories?

Si te gustan las historias, el episodio de hoy no te va a dejar indiferente. NO contestamos una duda de gramática, no hablamos de técnicas de estudio ni exámenes. El podcast de hoy es una historia muy especial. Algo que Mónica ha querido compartir con todos nosotros y que, créeme, merece la pena escuchar.

I wont’ give you more information. You’ll have to listen to find out.

Let’s do this!

Signals, Mónica’s story – Listen to the episode!

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Ideas mentioned in this podcast

– Topic of the day: Mónica’s story – 1:05

– Mónica’s mum passed away – 03:05

– The connection between what happened and learning English – 6:55

– Mónica and her family travelled to La Palma – 08:00

– They found something unusual on the hike they were doing – 09:50 

– The family found a crossroads on their way back and found themselves in a tricky situation – 13:15

– What Mónica’s husband asked his son to do! – 16:20

– The reason why the board had been put there. A good way to keep strangers away from your house – 17:05

– Mónica’s hubby vanishes and the hunch she suddenly had – 19:00

– Her mother got worse and how she connected the dots – 24:00

– How Mónica looked at the whole situation after the funeral – 26:05

– The unbelievable story of a window psychologist who taught her children to be grateful – 30:00


Vocabulary used in this episode

To be all ears: ser todo oídos

A signal: una señal

To pass away: fallecer

In spite of + noun: a pesar de

Beyond: más allá de

To thrive: prosperar

To look on the bright side of things: verle el lado bueno a las cosas

X goes back to: X data de / se remonta a

A palm tree: una palmera

A vegan: vegano/a

A cliff: un acantilado

A slope: una pendiente / rampa

Steep: empinado

Clumsy: patoso/a, torpe

A crossroads: un cruce de caminos

A board: una tabla/tablón

Narrow: estrecho

I said to myself: me dije a mí mismo/a

Thorns: espinas (planta)

Why don’t you + infinitive without “to”: ¿Por qué no….?

A hillside: la ladera de una montaña

All of a sudden: de repente

So-called X: un “supuesto” X (entre comillas, irónico)

“I made it”: lo conseguí

To pick someone up: recoger con el coche / ligarse a alguien

A milestone: un hito kilométrico / un hito (figurado, un logro)

A minor illness: una enfermedad o dolencia poco seria

An infection: una infección

To recall something: recordar algo (más formal o literario que “remember”)

To be thankful/grateful for something: estar agradecido por algo

To be moved: estar emocionado, impactado

Hope: esperanza

Everything comes together: toco cobra sentido, coge forma