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Nivel avanzado de inglés. Have you ever thought about how to get it??

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of my favourite actors.

Seriously. He’s BRILLIANT.

But he wasn’t always such a good actor.

When he made Titanic, he was an “ok” actor. After that, something happened in his head and he started getting better and better. He took it seriously and became a true professional.

¿Alguna vez has sentido que tu nivel de inglés está un poco como el Dicaprio de Titanic, pero tú quieres que sea más como el del Lobo de Wall Street, Orígen o Django?

Ok, in today’s podcast, we talk about how to go from intermediate to advanced 🙂

Nivel avanzado de inglés, cómo dar el salto – Listen to the episode!

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Ideas mentioned in this podcast

Question of the day: How to stop being an intermediate student? From María Finol.

Monica shares an anecdote about a student who was a beginner and was not making any progress until he realised that because of this his job was at stake.

Both Monica and David agree that it is very important to be motivated.

David believes that in order to get to an advanced level you need at least 6 and 12 months. You need time and you need to be patient.

If you want to take an exam, or to get to a B2 level, you are going to need help.

You need to attack the four skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading

You need not only to learn vocabulary but also to learn the verbs and how to use them.

David tells us about his experience in England and about his brother’s job interview.

It’s not so important to have a certificate. It is more important to be able to show your language skills. In other words, to show your level.

Some suggestions:

  • Knowing grammar gives you confidence.
  • Making friends, talking to native speakers, listen to native materials, watch TV in English with no subtitles. Focus on the real English.
  • You need to learn vocabulary in context and you need to know the structures.
  • Unless you are very organized, you need to find a course, a teacher to help you organize.  
  • Accountability: doing homework, preparing for your lessons and even paying will keep your motivation high.

Vocabulary used in this episode

To be lurking: estar al acecho

To be at stake: estar en riesgo

To be fired: ser despedido

To be promoted: ser promovido

To make it: lograrlo

To be gifted: ser talentoso

To level up: elevar/mejorar/subir de nivel

A table with three legs: una mesa con tres patas

The get by level: el nivel de apaño

Once and for all: de una vez por todas

Pillars: pilares

To have rotten foundations: tener los cimientos podridos

To knuckle down: ponerse con algo, hincar los codos

To polish your skills: pulir/ perfeccionar tus habilidades

It doesn’t happen from day to night: no sucede de la noche a la mañana

Fling yourself into sth: hacer algo con entusiasmo

To be unable to do sth: ser incapaz de hacer algo

To be shocked: estar en shock

To be mandatory: ser obligatorio

To put into practice: poner en práctica

To be worth it: valer la pena

Accountability: dar cuentas

Easier said than done: es fácil decirlo pero no hacerlo

Don’t give up: no te des por vencido