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¿Es este podcast para tí?

¿Tienes nivel intermedio y necesitas mejorar tu inglés de una vez por todas?

¿Quiéres aprender inglés pasando un buen rato y además gratis?

¿Prefieres el audio en mp3 para resolver tus dudas y preguntas sobre lo que sea?

Don’t worry! This is THE podcast for you 🙂

Cómo funciona este podcast en inglés

Very simply, you should listen to the episodes while you read the blog post that accompanies them. This way you can follow the conversation, structures used, etc.

Puedes escucharnos mientras trabajas, haces deporte, las tareas de la casa, paseas…Descarga los audios en formato mp3 gratuitamente y lee el post que acompaña a cada episodio para poder seguir, con una transcripción general, el hilo de la conversación, las temáticas que tratamos, etc. También dispones de una lista con todo el vocabulario que usamos en cada diálogo, para que apuntes las palabras.

Remember, this podcast is not for you if you have a basic level! Si tu nivel es principiante o estás empezando, te recomiendo que empieces por apuntarte a mi curso gratis The Way (para tener muy, muy claro cómo enfocar el estudio y hacer las cosas bien) y seguir mis audio cursos de inglés, en la otra pestaña del menú. Una vez te sientas cómodo/a con esos audios (principiante-intermedio), puedes engancharte a Your Way!

Si tienes un nivel más alto, y necesitas material de niveles C1 y C2, entonces puedes mandar tus dudas a mi podcast Daway Experience, donde ayudo a cualquier lector/oyente de la web, sea el nivel que sea, y abarco todos los niveles, dudas, exámenes, aspectos, etc.

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All the episodes and topics we have answered

Podcast- Love in Language – Phrases and Expressions

Join Teacher Aurelia as she unravels the nuances of affection, romance, and connection in the English language. Whether you’re a language learner or a language lover, this episode is designed to enrich your vocabulary, enhance your expressions, and infuse your conversations with the magic of love. Get ready to explore the words and phrases that capture the essence of romance in English, making your language journey not just educational, but heartwarmingly enjoyable!

Unveiling the Origins and Traditions of Valentine’s Day.

As February unfolds, hearts adorned with red hues and whispers of affection fill the air, marking the arrival of Valentine's Day. Originating from ancient Roman traditions, Valentine's Day has evolved into a celebration of love and affection observed across the...

Podcast- Error Correction for Spanish Speakers B1/B2

Teacher Aurelia goes through some typical errors that students make when speaking in English, from using the wrong preposition to directly translating from Spanish to English.

By correcting these small mistakes, you will quickly improve your control of your speaking and appear more fluent!

Podcast – State Verbs

Teacher Aurelia revises the use of State Verbs in today’s episode. It’s important to have a good foundation of grammar so that we can build on it when we start learning more complicated grammar in the future.

Understanding ing forms

Hello again and welcome back to another post from our Grappling Grammar series. In this week’s entry, we will be discussing the main uses of the ing form or the gerund in English. On top of its use in the continuous tenses such as the present continuous in this...

Count me out! Grasping the use of countable and uncountable nouns.

Hello and welcome back to our Grappling Grammar series where we break down and help you to understand some of the most complex areas of English grammar. In today’s blog we are going to talk about countable and uncountable nouns and how to use them properly.  ...

To infinitive and beyond! What are state verbs?

State verbs are verbs that are related to thoughts and opinions (states of being) rather than verbs that relate to an action, also known as dynamic verbs. In general, these verbs are used to relate to elements like emotions, senses, beliefs, opinions, possessions, and...

Using the present perfect simple and continuous.

When it comes to understanding English grammar, practice makes perfect. In this week’s post, practice will make the present perfect as we go over how to correctly use this verb tense to give your English level an extra boost.     Many English learners struggle...

Understanding the past simple and the past continuous.

Learning how to use the past tenses correctly is a key part of learning English. In today’s blog, we will explain the different uses of the past simple and past continuous and give you some key examples of how to use them.    Past simple.    The main use of...

Celebrating new beginnings: How the new year is welcomed in the UK.

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, people around the world come together to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with hope and enthusiasm. In the United Kingdom, New Year's Eve is marked by a tapestry of traditions that have stood the test...

Grappling Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives. 

Hello and welcome to another installment of Grappling Grammar! In today’s post we will explain the use and purpose of comparatives and superlatives to help to give your English level an extra boost!    Comparative adjectives are used to compare two objects or...