Preposiciones avanzadas en inglés – Curso de inglés B2 13

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Preposiciones avanzadas en inglés. Am I BETWEEN my friends or AMONG them?

That photo was taken quite a long time ago. Daniel and Emma are both from Liverpool but they’ve been living in Spain for ages. Would you say I am between them or among them? Do you often confuse prepositions like “below”; “along”, “across” and more advanced uses?

Welcome again to this B2 English course. How’s it going? Are you ready to start learning? Today’s class could be classified as “light”, as this is not third conditional or modals (as you saw in last class) but the famous Preposiciones en inglés ! How to use them properly in more advanced situations and contexts. Not as hard as a conditional (it can be a pain in the ass for some people though) but still crucial for your learning and path towards English mastery, so let’s get down to work!

Preposiciones avanzadas en inglés – What you will learn today

How to use the basic prepositions (in/at/on) in more advanced contexts

Advanced and formal prepositions of a high level in English

Common mistakes made by Spanish speakers

Practice, practice, practice

So that’s pretty much everything for today’s class. Well done guys. A step closer to improving your English, a new daily 1% for you and as homework, of course, follow my instructions on email to get some real life practice!

Good job lads, see u next time!