Presente en inglés avanzado – Curso de inglés B2 14

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Presente en inglés avanzado. The Earth’s temperature is rising!!


How’s things? How are you? Welcome to your favourite B2 English course! Hoy tienes nueva clase del curso de inglés B2!

So yeah…you would normally say something like “the Earth’s temperature is rising”, with the present continuous. Do you know what this refers to? Exactly, something changing and in development. That’s one of the uses we’re looking at today. What I want you to know in this podcast is Present Tenses and how to fully master them. You can’t doubt in a B2 level, so it’s time to actually nail those Present Tenses and stop wondering if you’re using them correctly or incorrectly. Are you ready to enjoy some English? Hell yeah!

Presente en inglés avanzado – What you will learn today

The present simple and common mistakes to avoid

How to use the present continuous

What state verbs are and how to use them

Time to practise!

Do the homework that comes in the email course and seriously, do something with all this content. Practise it, use it in a real conversation, look for examples in your favourite TV series or film, but do something, don’t let the grammar die here, today. That’s the only way to really master a grammar point: to use it and find it in real, native examples.

Rock that English and use it throughout the week, I’ll see you next time!