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Pronunciación en inglés, y cómo mejorarla. ¿Te imaginas estar hablando con un guiri de Tinder y decirle “I need a shit” en lugar de “I need a sheet”? !!

Sería una situación comprometida, ¿no?

Pues esto es real. A una amiga mía le pasó. Y no fué en una cita de tinder, no, sino en medio de cientos de personas, en una charla oficial de la universidad de Chester.

Can you imagine the reaction of the other person?

“I need a shit! I need a shit!”

No te preocupes. En este episodio te damos ciertos consejos para hacer que tus palabras en inglés digan exactamente lo que tú querías decir 🙂

Pronunciación en inglés, cómo mejorarla – Listen to the episode!

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Ideas mentioned in this podcast

Question of the day: Can you give me some tips on pronunciation? From Jemma Rodrigues

Monica had a great idea: we will give you some tips on five essential sounds. If you improve certain sounds, your accent will be a lot better.

Some sounds don’t exist in Spanish and that is why we don’t listen to them properly and as a result we mispronounce them.

David tells us a funny anecdote that reflects the importance of pronouncing certain sounds properly (minimal pairs)

5 sounds:

  1. The sound in the following words: Yes, young, yet
  2. The difference between the long /i/ and the short /i/ sound in like the following words:

      teeth, sheet, sea, feet, leaf, tea as opposed to

      pit, kick, kids, ship, swim

  1. In English there are almost no words that start with the following combination of letters es and that is why without realizing we tend to mispronounce the following words: Spain, Spanish, special
  2. The /schwa/. Words that finish in -er have this sound: painter, teacher, builder, writer, father, mother, water, October, faster, better (British accent)
  3. The letter We don’t have this sound in Spanish. In English there’s a very big difference between /b/ and /v/: victory, very, vegetables

When you know the sound, you can distinguish it.

Vocabulary used in this episode

My back is aching: me duele la espalda

Deaf: sordo

Posh: elegante

What the heck are you talking about?:  ¿De qué narices/diablos estás hablando?

To be embarrassed: sentir vergüenza

To make fun of sb: reirse de alguien

Not to realize: no darse cuenta

A character: un personaje

The essentials to get by: Lo escencial para sobrevivir

To boost your pronunciation: mejorar tu pronunciación

To wrap up:  resumir

Stay tuned!: mantente al tanto