Reported Speech en inglés – Curso de inglés B2 08

by Podcast

¿Sabes usar el Reported Speech en inglés o estilo indirecto? Sí, sí, el de radio patio: que me dijo la Carmina que la hija de la Juanita se había casao por despecho!

Typical right? I suppose that first sentence rings a bell. It’s what we normally call Reported speech in English. Either that or indirect style (el estilo indirecto en inglés). This is what we’re going to cover in this B2 English class. Reported Speech. Basically, what we use to say what another person said before. Sentences like “he said he had drunk too much beer”, “she told me she was in love”, “the police asked us to give the details of that woman”, etc…

Quite useful and common in both written and spoken English, you can use it in the writing exam, for example (in the informal letter). So pay attention!

Let’s see how it works

Reported Speech en inglés – What you will learn today

What reported speech is and what a basic sentence looks like

How it works and why it is so similar to Spanish

Typical changes we have to make when using it, common mistakes

How you can use it in your writing exam

Time to do something with this content!

David said that reported speech was easy and he was right! I was, yeah. Now you know how to use it and adapt it to your current repertoire. As you can see, it is very similar to Estilo Indirecto in Spanish, so no big deal (no tiene mucha historia). Just a few changes. From now on, you’ll start to see lots of examples in TV, movies, series, etc. Reported Speech is all over the place (por todos lados). To practise it, remember the best advice is to try to speak to natives. Follow my instructions on the email course and you’ll be right on your way to fluency!