Uso de adjetivos en inglés – curso de inglés B1 19

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Uso de adjetivos en inglés. Could you describe this photograph??

Beautiful, stunning, impressive, surprising….there are so many things I could say about this picture we took while visiting Scotland!!

Welcome to the B1 English course guys. I’ve got a new class for ya all, and this time we’re going to be talking about adjectives (uso de adjetivos en inglés). Not only adjectives but how to use them. The difference between ing and –ed adjectives, the proper order of different types, etc. In summary, at the end of this class you will be quite a master of adjectives!

So let’s begin

Uso de adjetivos en ingles – what you will learn in this podcast

When we use adjectives after some verbs, not before as usual

What the native order of adjectives is (when you have different types of adjectives like shape, colour, size, etc)

What the difference between –ing adjectives and –ed adjectives is, and lots of examples

How you can create new adjectives using nouns. A very common method in English

Do something now!

Well done guys. Good job. That was a short but crucial class, as a lot of people confuse how to use adjectives properly, especially at this level. The difference between –ing and –ed is probably one of the most common grammar points in the Cambridge PET exam, so it will be helpful for your preparation.

Take care and see you next time