Uso de adverbios en inglés – Curso de inglés B2 15

by Podcast

Uso de adverbios en inglés. Hardly anything is better than having a beer with a friend! Maybe having 2 beers!


Welcome, another week, to the B2 advanced course! In today’s lesson we will cover el uso adverbios en inglés, you know, adverbs and how to properly use them, as they can reaaally boost your speaking and writing and help you sound richer and considerably more advanced (yep, like that adverb I just used there).

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Uso de adverbios en inglés – What you will learn today

What are adverbs and why you want to use them

How 80% of adverbs are formed

Adverbs that are easily confused with adjectives

How to use comparative adverbs

How to modify adverbs and adjectives

Main adverb positions

Time to practise those adverbs!

Now it’s time for you to actually put everything you learned into practice. Don’t let the grammar die here, otherwise it’s pointless. You need to go to real life situations and practise these structures, doing listening, writing to natives, etc. Follow my instructions on the email course to know how to do this.

That’s it lads. Remember to practise a lot and to enjoy life, see you next week!