Verbos modales perfectos – Curso de inglés B2 12

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¿Te suenan los verbos modales perfectos? This guy next to me in the photo COULD HAVE BEEN William Wallace!!

Yes, that guy could’ve been William Wallace. He had the same face paint, weapon and twisted Scottish accent! But he wasn’t the real Wallace, of course. He could have been.

Welcome to the B2 English course again. Yeah, that was quite a weird first sentence. Get ready, because this is one of the most important grammar points for your desired B2 level, be it at Cambridge, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas or just because you need to speak English naturally. Last time I spoke to you about what modal verbs are and how to use them, and today, I will explain how to turn them into perfect modal verbs, Verbos modales perfectos!

Perfect modal verbs. Second and last class on modals. Let’s get this over with!

Verbos modales perfectos – What you will learn today

What perfect modal verbs and when we use them

What the main perfect modal verbs are in B2 and when you want to use them

How to pronounce the contractions for these verbs, how natives use them in a real conversation

How you can use these verbs in an exam to get extra awesome points

Don’t let this content die here

Ok guys, great job. Well done, that’s all you need to know about perfect modal verbs, los verbos modales perfectos. Quite a big step, congratulations.This marks a turning point in your learning. I know few people who actually use these in a real, natural conversation, so if you can do it, you’re setting yourselves above the average Spanish speaker in English. Now it’s time to put it into practice. If you let this content die here, with the podcast, you will never improve your English. Remember: more information = zero results. More practice in real life = brilliant results 🙂

See you next week guys, take care