Verbos con gerundio o con infinitivo – Curso B2 07

by Podcast

¿Los verbos con gerundio o con infinitivo? I feel like going hiking or I feel like to go hiking?

Hey guys, welcome again to a new B2 class. If you weren’t so sure about the first two questions you are likely to enjoy and benefit from this class a lot! What I’m helping you with today is something that can cause you a lot of trouble during a FCE exam, for example. A lot of students confuse the use of ‘ing’ or ‘to infinitive’ after certain verbs or phrases.

So that’s what I will clarify today. How and when to use each. I’ve decided to divide this class into two separate lessons as there’s a lot of material to cover, so today I will look at the first part, verbs followed by a to infinitive. Hopefully, at the end of the class it will be crystal clear.

Let’s do it!

Verbos con gerundio o con infinitivo – What you will learn today

What the rules are if you want to use the “to” infinitive

What verbs are followed by the “to” infinitive, the most important ones for a B2 level

How some of these verbs change their form by using an object

How to memorise these verbs and never forget them again, for your FCE exam 

One of my favourite apps that you can use to memorise them, Anki

Move and use English!

Well done! That was a good class to be honest. Now you’re closer to mastering the use of ing or infinitives after verbs. As I said before, this is a common source of trouble for lots of students, so feel proud of yourself. Now you know the rules and the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. But, (there’s always a but) if you don’t practise in real life this podcast I recorded will make no difference.