My mission is to help you learn and ROCK your English level, day after day.

La misión de Daway es ayudarte, dejarnos la piel para que consigas todo lo que te has propuesto con el idioma, ayudarte a conseguir lo que TÚ quieres: cumplir un sueño, viajar por el mundo, hacer amigos internacionales, conseguir ese trabajo que quieres, mejorar tu vida, echarte un novio guiri, grabar un disco de rock en inglés

Sea lo que sea que necesites del idioma, tengas la edad que tengas, nivel, vengas de donde vengas, te ayudaré a conseguirlo en este canal de Youtube oficial del blog. Contesto dudas de gramática, aprendizaje, exámenes, motivación, etc.

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All the episodes I have answered:

Name That Job! – Let’s Play

An important skill in language is being able to explain a word without saying the word - paraphrasing. So let's play Taboo! Guess the name of the job that Aurelia describes. Una habilidad importante en el lenguaje es ser capaz de explicar una palabra sin decir la...

Embrace the Season: Common Spring Vocabulary Explained

As the cold grasp of winter loosens its hold, and nature awakens from its slumber, we find ourselves amidst the beauty and vibrancy of spring. It's a season of renewal, growth, and rejuvenation, marked by a plethora of unique sights, sounds, and sensations. To fully...

Phrasal Verbs for the Speaking Exam

Phrasal Verbs are extremely important to show that you have a good level of spoken English. These are the basic phrasal verbs that Teacher Aurelia expects you to use in the speaking exam, if possible. They will not only elevate your level of English but will help you...

Embracing the Spirit of Spring in Murcia

Embracing the Spirit of Spring in Murcia.   Nestled in the heart of Spain's southeastern region lies Murcia, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant festivities. As the chill of winter gives way to the warmth of spring, the streets of Murcia...

Murcia Spring Week- Podcast

In today’s podcast, Aurelia explains the traditional Spring festivals celebrated in the first week of April in Murcia.

The Complicated A Sounds- Podcast

In this Pronunciation Clinic series, we have done 4 episodes on different sounds. Today we are focusing on 6 different sounds that we use for A. 

Fun Facts about Ireland- Podcast

Ireland is a country steeped in rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes. So, whether you’re sipping a cup of tea or enjoying a pint of Guinness, get ready to dive into some interesting facts about this beautiful nation.

Opinionated Vocabulary B2+ Improve Your Speaking- Podcast

Teacher Aurelia shares some vocabulary for you to use instead of ‘I think’ and ín my opinion’. This is a perfect opportunity for you to show your level of speaking without any hard work. Enriching your vocabulary is about building a foundation of language that allows you to navigate discussions with confidence, whether it’s to impress the examiner or your fellow colleagues.

False Friends: Common Pitfalls in English and Spanish

  Language is a bridge that connects people across cultures, allowing us to communicate and understand one another. However, this bridge can sometimes be fraught with pitfalls, especially when encountering false friends—words that appear similar in two languages...

Going To The Doctor- Improve Your English Speaking

Going to the doctor can be scary. Talking to a doctor in a different language is even more scary! Today, Aurelia goes through the basic vocabulary that you need to know when going to the doctor and what the doctor might say to you.

Podcast- Love in Language – Phrases and Expressions

Join Teacher Aurelia as she unravels the nuances of affection, romance, and connection in the English language. Whether you’re a language learner or a language lover, this episode is designed to enrich your vocabulary, enhance your expressions, and infuse your conversations with the magic of love. Get ready to explore the words and phrases that capture the essence of romance in English, making your language journey not just educational, but heartwarmingly enjoyable!

Unveiling the Origins and Traditions of Valentine’s Day.

As February unfolds, hearts adorned with red hues and whispers of affection fill the air, marking the arrival of Valentine's Day. Originating from ancient Roman traditions, Valentine's Day has evolved into a celebration of love and affection observed across the...